People who choose Gulf Shores vacation rentals do so for many reasons. This idyllic destination is the perfect place to relax and unwind with family and friends. However, the best reason to vacation at Gulf Shores is the beach.

America boasts no shortage of beautiful beaches, but these Alabama beaches are among the most gorgeous anywhere in the world. That’s why visitors find so many Gulf Shores vacation rentals right on the seashore. Who wouldn’t want to sleep just a stone’s throw away from the ocean?


Part of what makes Gulf Shores beaches so beautiful is the climate. Mild winters and hot summers mean that the weather is almost always right for getting out on the sand. That means tourists can enjoy a wide variety of water and shore activities whether it’s January or July.

Another factor that makes Gulf Shores beaches attractive is their ability to provide a quiet, relaxing getaway. At Florida Point within Gulf State Park, visitors find the perfect place to enjoy an ocean-side nap. The scenery is always picture postcard perfect, and crowds tend to be sparse. The wide dunes line makes it challenging to get out on the beach, which is what keeps attendance fairly low. Those looking to enjoy some real quiet time will find their escape here. The Pavilion Area of the state park is similarly not crowded. However, it is more readily accessible than Florida Point. For this reason, it tends to be popular with families, but it’s large enough to accommodate a lot of people without ever feeling crowded.

However, many people think that a bustling beach is the most beautiful one out there. They’re looking for excitement, plenty to do and some great people watching. That’s exactly what visitors get at Cotton Bayou. This tiny beach is found in the midst of condominium communities, giving it a lot of foot traffic. Similarly, the Gulf Shores Public Beach probably packs in the most entertainment and liveliness along the coastline. It seems like there’s always a volleyball game going on, and the area features a heavy concentration of bars and restaurants. Anyone who feels that an active beach makes for a more attractive getaway can’t go wrong with either one of these locales.

Of course, what really makesĀ Gulf Shores vacation rentalsĀ so beautiful is the scenery. West Beach is probably the region’s most gorgeous. It winds along for about six miles between Dolphin Drive and the Gulf Shores Parkway. Visitors who walk far enough will have the glowing white sand to themselves. That sand, coupled with the beautiful aquamarine waters, make West Beach one of the most visually stunning in America.